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16 Nov 2016

Health and lifestyle app helps Lenovo users reduce their chances of developing five biggest killer diseases

NOTTINGHAM, UK – Wednesday 16th November, 2016 – Quealth, one of the world’s most accurate predictors of cardiovascular disease, lung disease and type 2 diabetes, has been selected by the world’s biggest personal computer manufacturer Lenovo to be part of its App Explorer platform.

Lenovo App Explorer is pre-installed on every new Lenovo laptop and desktop PC that uses Windows 10. Along with...

OK, I am putting it out there…

Why oh why is exercise gear so tight and shiny? And why are we so aesthetically focused on the benefits of exercise?

A toned buttock is an aesthetic outcome generally delivered by a series of healthy choices around good nutrition and activity.  (Except not always. A toned body can also mask disordered eating, deprivation and body image insecurities.)

Let’s not be bothered about the fact that making healthier choices will help you avoid a life shattering diagnosis of h...

Health fascinates me. Not because of an innate need to understand how our bodies work but rather because of the extent to which we’re prepared to take risks with our health.

There are people who jump out of planes for fun, but the chances of dying from that are 0.008%. They know the risks of doing so, but make sure they do something about it by training for it and then strapping a parachute to their back. In contrast, there’s a 53% chance of one of us dying from a non-communicable disea...

18 Jul 2016

UK team develops smartphone risk predictor proven to be highly accurate for type 2 diabetes 

NOTTINGHAM, UK, Monday 18th July, 2016 – ROADTOHEALTH, the UK company behind award-winning health application Quealth, has announced the successful clinical validation of the accuracy of its diabetes health risk assessment algorithm. The validation work on the diabetes risk assessment algorithm is just one element of the exhaustive clinical testing the Quealth team is conducting on all its risk predictors...

8 Feb 2016

Six weeks in and I’m still wearing my activity monitor; go me! Apparently people give up with these things after about three months so let’s see if I’m part of the norm or more persistent than the average Joe. What’s interesting is that it’s not actually the device, the app or the interest of seeing my own activity levels that is keeping me using it, it’s the social and challenge aspect of the app that gets me every time.

“Paul Nash crushed it! That step goal didn’t even see it coming.”


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