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4 Jan 2016

*Apologies for the lack of cheeriness in this post – we do however, have your best interests at heart wherever you reside in this world of ours!

Australia… the warm sun, stunning beaches and outdoor living with a climate that many sun-starved Europeans crave – but is it any healthier to live down under?

Well, the confronting stats recently released by the Australia Institute of Health and Welfare are quite revealing.

It shows the leading causes of death for both men and women in Australia – here’s...

Not quite – but we may at last have a drug that slows its progression.

It’s all over the news – and rightly so. The pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly have today announced that their dementia drug solanezumab could slow the rate at which Alzheimer’s progresses.

What you need to know:

  • it’s not a cure but it is the first drug ever to directly affect the progression of Alzheimer’s disease – no other treatment has ever been shown to do this

  • the initial trial ended unsuccessfully in 2012 but re-a...

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